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Wishes Are Horses and Beggars Can Fly Bev Kuhn

Wishes Are Horses and Beggars Can Fly

Bev Kuhn

Published May 9th 2005
ISBN : 9781413749526
196 pages
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 About the Book 

Dip into the pool of animagination (animal imagination) and enjoy this whimsical flight of fantasy of animals transformations through vivid imaginations. Parents and children will delight in the tales, which highlight traditional morals and values. Exactly as humans dream of hitting jackpots, the characters envision becoming entirely new creatures. Each chapter is a tale in itself, allowing readers to set their own pace to make the voyage. Its fun to see how successfully each transition takes place. Watch Ernestine Elephant study ballet, or marvel at Kilroy Kangaroos magic. Does Zachariah Zebra get his Technicolor coat? Can Dudley Dog become a successful author? Does Fernando Flea find a permanent home? Can Oscar Orangutan find happiness as a chimpanzee? As animagination gives wishes wings, the beggars who dream take flight in the mind