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Our Only Hope Richard T Douse

Our Only Hope

Richard T Douse

Kindle Edition
300 pages
Enter the sum

 About the Book 

You and I live in challenging times.Our world is slowly but surely heating up. If climate change due to human activity is allowed to continue, civilization as we know it will end.However, it is difficult to imagine any solution so long as we continue to grow in population.In this novel, two friends, both distinguished scientists, recognize the enormity of this problem and each will attempt to address it using his own particular talents and expertise.However, with each man following his own moral compass, conflict is inevitable as each believe only his way is the right way. And, while both approaches could help- one may well be our only hope.Against this backdrop, churns a story of high adventure, danger, promise, and heartbreak as the participants in one experiment attempt to survive in a harsh and unfamiliar environment- while a participant in another experiment defies her boss and in so doing, unwittingly puts our entire human population at risk.