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A Rose So That It May Rain Chastity Infinity

A Rose So That It May Rain

Chastity Infinity

Published June 7th 2007
ISBN : 9781598583502
308 pages
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 About the Book 

A tale of love and deception, sex and the streets, struggle transformation and transcendence...an underground sensation already, praised by many, scorned by the religious community, hacked by an unknown assailant and illegally distributed. The deeply psychological story of two worlds: a young bisexual gender-confused writer transforms himself into his haunting alter ego and enters another dimension of prostitution, drugs, gay street gangs, Santeria and the twilight of the third sex. A Harlemite filmmaker falls in love with an irresistible woman and, in parallel, is witness to that same underground world. This novel is the culmination of many influences, discussions and is testimony to the massive accumulation of GLBT literature. A work that fully explores the quest for identity in a shifting reality. Chastity Danielle Infinity, aka Danny Infinity, is an award-winning community activist and rising star in the ballroom club scene. A consummate storyteller with a photographic memory Chastity creates a many-storied integration of life experiences into fiction. Living now in Florida he/she is working on a screenplay. Jamo Lorswal was born with an old manual typewriter attached and the doctors said there is nothing we can do! An investigative fiction writer Jamo met another young writer many moons ago and this novel was the result. Living near San Francisco Jamo is currently writing another novel and is still seeking free therapy.