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Better English Norman  Lewis

Better English

Norman Lewis

416 pages
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Table of Contents What is Grammar? A Test of Your Present Grammatical Ability How to Deliver the Message to Garcia (Verbs) as Easy as ABC How to Call a Name (Nouns) How to Be Explicit (Adjectives) How to Do Almost Anything (Adverbs) How to End a Sentence (Prepositions) How to Substitute (Pronouns) How to Join (Conjunctions) How to Show Emotion (Interjections) How to Measure Your Progress-Your First Achievement Test How to Make Your Verbs Agree (subjects and predicates) How to Get the Right Number (singulars and plurals) How to Test a Verb (Objects) How to Keep Your Sanity with Lay and Lie (transitive and intransitive verbs) How to Let Circumstances Alter Cases (predicate nominatives) How to Keep on Good Terms with Your Relatives (who and whom) How to Fill in (ellipsis) How to Measure Your Progress-A Second Achievement Test How to Analyze a Verb (tense) How to Express a Mood (the subjunctive) How to Split an Infinitive (infinitives) How to Let Participlies Dangle (participles) How to Be Illiterate (basement-level errors) How to Talk Like a Human Being (allowable errors) How to Meaure Your Progress-A Final Test of Your Grammatical Ability What is Correct Pronunciation Trends in American Pronunciation Our Erratic Language Check up on Your Pronunciation How to Say It A Restatement of Principles The Thirteen Hardest Words to Spell